It's a Spring Thing!

  • Sweet Summer Time!
    It’s sizzling in Sonoma Valley and we’re enjoying all that summer brings our way; pool time and chilled wine, flip flops and tank tops, […]
  • It’s a Spring Thing!!
    First of all I have to admit that it has been waaay too long since I’ve posted.  In fact my last post (I’m cringing here) was in October. […]
  • It’s Fall Ya’ll
    Living nearly 20 years in Atlanta, Georgia, this midwestern girl learned a few important phrases and colloquialisms. Like the seasonally appropriate, […]
  • Grand Opening
    I am so excited, the Grand Opening of McCormick’s Mercantile is Friday, 7/20/2018 from 5-8pm!  The whole family has pitched in to get us ready […]
  • Our Doors are Open
    Our doors are wide open, we’re ready for business  and we’re meeting the most wonderful folks.  We’ve had such great conversations […]